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Praesta LEADERS POUR LE Coaching individuel de performance dirigeants

Transition coaching

In today’s world of permanent strategic redeployment, senior executives are more and more often required to re-position themselves on the job market. What used to be a catastrophic experience has increasingly become an everyday reality, even though for many people the corresponding cultural adjustment remains difficult. This phenomenon has led to the mushrooming of Outplacement firms offering a full range of services, from office support to communication training.

The business leaders we work with are generally looking for something more personal, customized, confidential, targeted and subtle. Something with a better cost-benefit ratio. Something more like coaching…

We usually work in three phases:

Beyond the relatively conventional framework provided by this process, the value of working with an experienced business coach is that he can be both challenger and source of suggestions, an ideas man and a sounding board, while keeping a pragmatic eye firmly fixed on the need to produce a tangible result (Headhunter interviews, fixing appointments, re-framing value propositions…)

With a wealth of experience as both business leaders and executive coaches, Praesta can bring real added value to your transitioning.  As coaches, our focus is naturally both long- and short-term, so we can help ensure that whatever you choose as the right place tomorrow, will still be the right place next year.