How can you go from having a group of individuals to having a successful team? How can you create the desire or need to work together with a shared vision, mission and goals? How can you identify and “unlearn” counter-productive habits and take advantage of collective intelligence? How can you develop the responsiveness and new strategies needed to meet the challenges of a constantly changing economic, social and political context?

The challenges that teams face today are all the more important in this ever-changing world, in which they must constantly update their skills and adapt.

Praesta works with general-management teams (Management Boards/Executive Committees) and with operational or project-management teams to support them in terms of these challenges. The approach is unique, tailor-made and targeted and the team is considered as an ecosystem.

Our experience and expertise allow us to quickly get to the heart of the team’s challenges and address every issue that impacts their performance and agility: their internal operation and interactions with their environment, individual and collective behaviour and dynamics, the myths, collective beliefs and prejudices that make the team what it is.

Praesta’s coaches are all former managers and experts in individual and collective transformation. They have the ability to listen to and understand the issues in question and provide tailor-made support with long-term added value. In our approach, we particularly encourage members of the team to take individual and collective responsibility and ownership of the approach and its results.

Coaching comité de direction

Coaching comité de direction