Our cultural background has a great impact on how we perceive ourselves and others, and is therefore a key aspect of the coaching process. It is one of the most important aspects in acknowledging “otherness”, which is essential for any manager working in an increasingly global and interconnected world, often with remote teams.

By understanding, valuing and managing cultural diversity on a personal level and in their teams, executives/managers can optimise the talent available and develop operational complementarity. This enriches management practices, improves communication, increases openness, reduces judgements, misunderstanding and conflicts, and promotes smoother more efficient relationships.

Our team of coaches – all former executives of different nationalities, and with international backgrounds and experience – work with managers and their teams to help them understand their own culture and how they may be perceived by others.

We help them to become aware of differences in order to better manage their own perceptions and reactions and have a better understanding of the cultural references of the people they are in contact with. In short, we help them to navigate smoothly through today’s international environment and take full advantage of the potential of cultural diversity.