“Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it?”
–Pablo Picasso

Background and Experience

Maya draws on her rich international and multidisciplinary corporate experience, in which she led strategic transformations and managed relationships with high-profile stakeholders such as senior civil servants, government agencies, shareholders and investment communities.

After fifteen years, she turned to what deeply drives her: supporting others in their inner transformations. She coaches leaders, consults large groups and trains teams. Since 2016, she has been a regular speaker in the Executive Coaching programme at HEC Paris.

A Beirut-born citizen of the world, she has worked or studied in Geneva, London, Paris, Madrid, Montreal, Toronto, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Beirut. She coaches in French and English. She also speaks Arabic, her mother tongue.

Coaching practice

Conscious of leaders’ need to strike the balance between their expressed leadership style and their deeper authentic self while aiming for professional excellence, Maya’s coaching helps fine-tuning this calibration. One question she often asks is « Who are you in this experience? ».

She strongly believes in the importance of a leader’s inner journey, because such exploration can contribute to an improved personal performance, impacting the team’s modus operandi, or that of the company, the couple, the family, the community… the whole ecosystem. It is this alignment that allows leaders to catalyze change around them, both on personal and professional levels.

At ease with transformations, whether within multinationals or international organisations, Maya is no stranger to the difficulty of exploring one’s psyche and internal worlds. Her integrative approach combines elements of leadership practices, change management, jungian depth psychology and systemic approach. This is how she supports her clients to explore their multi-dimensional self.


  • iMBA, York University, Toronto
  • Master’s in Psychology and Psychotherapy (in progress), Sigmund Freud University Paris
  • Bachelor’s in Psychology, American University of Beirut
  • Certificate in Executive Coaching: Expertise & Advanced Training, HEC Paris
  • The Systemic Approach in Coaching, Dr. J.A. Malarewicz
  • Certified Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, ELTY Geneva
  • Certified Practitioner in Change Management, PROSCI
  • Certificate in Design Thinking & Creativity for Business, INSEAD
  • Certificate of Investor Relations, IR Society UK, London

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