It is crucial for an executive to quickly master the tasks, skills and requirements of a new position, regardless of whether it is through internal promotion – often from within the team – or external promotion. This is also an important issue for the company.

We are referring to the famous “100 days to prove yourself”. The manager must notably take into account the history and culture surrounding the position, digest an enormous amount of information, take on board the objectives of the activity, find the right balance between listening and learning, and implementing result-oriented actions. And let us not forget that the newcomer’s arrival has a direct impact on the working environment. Being aware of these considerations is particularly useful because often the manager will need to do things differently from before.

Having the view of a third party, an experienced coach who has personally experienced taking up a position, can prove to be essential. At this key moment, when the new manager needs to be both focused and open, he/she will find real value in being able to exchange ideas with his/her coach, explore various possibilities, share his/her doubts and question his/her certainties.