“All things were created twice: firstly within the spirit and secondly in the real world.”

With a skill in connecting action and reflection, naturally observant, revealer of the unexpressed thought, communicator like no other and capable of inspiring initiative, Hendrick takes on the world from the perspective of what is possible. His ingenious direct and pragmatic style is stimulating for both individuals and groups, triggering an appropriate course of action.

Experience – Career path

After twenty years in the communication and marketing sectors, Hendrick acts as a guide to leading figures who promote group empowerment and are at the helm of change. With a multi-faceted hands-on experience in communication skills, he has provided guidance to business leaders, creators and entrepreneurs, managing directors of institutions, political and public figures in the implementation of their activities.

When returning from North America where he was on a mission as export director for a French agricultural products group leader of its market, Hendrick founded and managed a training organization focused on managerial skills, collective intelligence and change management.

Having occupied managerial roles for over a decade, he has supervised teams of consultants and coaches enabling them to take action in organizations of all sizes and at all levels during their transition, be it cultural, commercial, economic, ethnic, human and technological.

His international experience has resulted in his being in high demand and sought out by ambitious leaders and visionaries to assist in innovative and conducive projects for a brighter future.

Hendrick embodies the stance of the Entrepreneur and instills the spirit of the Guide, in his ability to adapt multidisciplinary expertise in supporting effective strategies as well as human, economic and environmental ones that may be at stake.


A vision – A practice

Hendrick is passionate about projects that combine the development of human capital and group performance. Jointly with the organizations, he develops a sustainable environment for the development of individual potential and the growth of socio-economic systems. The added value of his coaching style covers three complementary dimensions:

  • A firmly agile, innovative and constructionist state of mind.
  • An appreciative vision focusing on strengths and talents.
  • An action that is committed and focused on success.

Having Hendrick as a guide will engender an inspiring connection and the experience of a meaningful relationship, thus resulting in tangible benefits for oneself and for one’s ambitions.


  • Certified Master Corporate & Team coaching – ‘Institut de Coaching International’ – Geneva
  • Certified Consultant in Appreciative Inquiry ® – ICI Geneva
  • Member of the EMCC France
  • Accredited Practitioner in NLP – Paul Pyronnet Institut – Lyon
  • Degree in Relational Marketing and Negotiation – Université Aix- Marseille
  • BTEC Higher National Diploma in Visual Communication – Ecole Sup. d’Arts Appliqués de Bourgogne (Burgundy)

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