Our primary goal is to propose the most professional and human approach in our profession.

Our coaches are all former executives and international managers of different nationalities, with varied backgrounds that have taken them from Africa and the United States to the Middle East, South Africa and Europe.

We promote a culture that is open and collegial, focused on learning and resolutely oriented towards the outside world. We strongly believe in the value of each individual, their creativity and specific contribution to the collective. Our customers appreciate this work atmosphere, and often say so. This is an integral part of who we are and what we offer.

What also characterises our team is the diversity of our profiles, and the gender balance.  As such, you can be sure your coach is the right one for you.

Raphaël Pinlou


Eddy Blanchet

Yves Aguiton

Xavier Scholl

Johan Van Eeckhout

Salvatore Bruno


Stéphanie Dubromel

Didier Defert

Esteban Martinez Querol

Florent Lafarge

Isabelle Isingrini

Jean Zuccarelli


Pascale Gramond

Alexis Vorobieff

Hendrick Monnier

Christophe Lucas

Ludovic Hilaire


Jean de Tauriers

Jean Christophe Loric

Jean-Pierre Trouilloud

Davide Castorina

Rodolphe Langrand