A Problem Well-Defined is a Problem Half-Solved

By stimulating independent thinking, encouraging the questioning of the status quo and helping to generate innovative ideas, Pascale accompanies leaders in tackling the challenges they face.

Whether leaders are confronted with personal resistance or organizational blockages, Pascale supports them to accurately identify these obstacles, develop strategies to overcome them and effect transformative change within their teams and companies.

Background and experience :

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris, Pascale has over 20 years’ experience in strategic marketing, digital product development and innovation in a variety of sectors.

Pascale began her career in publishing, where she managed the creation, development and launch of innovative product ranges for the European and American markets.

In 2006, she joined a photo printing “scale-up” to develop the product range, e-commerce site and online creation platform. She contributed to the company’s very strong growth for over 10 years, managing complete innovation cycles, identifying new markets and deploying a culture of innovation and agility.

Pascale also led the repositioning of the offer of a pioneer in digital learning, and built a new vision and strategy for digital products.

As a member of management committees, Pascale has built up and developed multidisciplinary teams in France and the UK. She has evolved in international environments and guided teams through organizational transitions, deploying adaptability, resilience and a positive culture.

Coaching practice:

Through two decades of leadership in innovative contexts, Pascale has acquired a deep understanding of how to cultivate an environment conducive to exploration, creative thinking and calculated risk-taking.

As a true “sparring partner”, she works with leaders to develop a clear vision, define strategic objectives, create concrete action plans and achieve tangible results that have a positive impact on both individual performance and organizational success.

She emphasizes the ability to adapt and be agile in those she coaches, encouraging them to incorporate these into their approach, whether in their personal development or in the management of innovative projects.

Pascale coaches in French and English.

Education :

  • Graduate of Sciences Po Paris (Economics and Finance).
  • Customer Focused Innovation” Certificate – Stanford University
  • Coach trained by Activision

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