« Transformation is not a theory, it’s a fast-paced journey. It’s our decision to unlock the best version of it”

Considering the organization as a living system, Raphaele coaches leaders and their teams to foster their new success practices. With her expertise in leadership coaching, Raphaele helps organizations thrive by implementing practices that nurture growth and development. Through her guidance, leaders and their teams learn to adapt and flourish in today’s ever-changing and challenging business landscape.

Experience and background

As a doctor in Veterinary Medicine and a marketing graduate, Raphaele has built a solid 15-years’ experience in strategy and business leadership.

She began her career as a brand manager, working on strategic positioning topics in France and then numerous other countries in the animal health environment.

When she joined a SME in 2011, she was hired to found and develop a marketing team. quickly, she took on the responsibility of sales department and then became the CEO of the company, member of the US mother company’s COMEX. There has been a lot of advice out of these years as a business leader, related to management, leader’s responsibilities and team performance.

Then, she’s dedicated a 2-years training period to reinforce her knowledges and expertise on organisational performance while she had the opportunity to teach physics and chemistry to 11 to 17 years-old pupils. This out-of-the box experience has enrich her approach to group dynamics.

From this brilliant career is born her ambition to share creativity and structure with company’s leaders and her optimistic view of the organization’s potential.

Anecdote : Raphaele has been honoured with the French “ordre du mérite” award for her hard work and dedication as a CEO to develop employment and territory development in the surrounding, looking as the organisation not only as a place for profit but also for positive impact and social progress.

Coaching specificity

As a coach, Raphaele is driven by the org performance through individual and collective success.

Coaching individuals and groups, she advocates for identifying cues to foster and nurture performance. Her background and posture serve as powerful tools to help leaders overcome limiting habits and beliefs, and to overcome the boundaries.  

Leveraging her dual expertise as a business leader and a coach, she is appreciated for her moving forward and ability to create energy et bringing out new compelling dynamics.

Her approach is grounded in results-driven and pragmatic tools that help leaders and their team achieving sustainable results. Her footprint is a deep joy, as the expression of the performance victory against immobility.


  • Executive Organisation Coach– HEC
  • Org Practitioner in Transactional Analysis (AT-DO)
  • DISC et WPMOT Practitioner  – TTI talent insight

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