« Just do it»

Background and Experience

After a first part of her career of about twenty years spent mainly working on the development of human resources within various groups with an international and matrix dimension, Isabelle has held positions in the fields of logistics, sales, administration and then mainly Human Resources. Those different experiences have allowed her to have a specific and a global understanding of the company and its actors, making her a Business Partner able to feel and understand the challenges of the Enterprise system at different levels. Isabelle quickly chose to coach the Human, as it appeared to her that it is definitely the heart and the lungs of any companies.

Fascinated by the impact of the decision-maker, his posture and exceptional people, Isabelle has for several years now chosen to provide qualitative support to these personalities by turning to the coaching of high-level professionals including business leaders, decision-makers, sportsmen and public figures, first within her own company and then by joining Praesta.

Coach practice

Simplicity, pragmatism and “common sense” are values ​​dear to Isabelle, which she holds from her land origins, and which allow her to lead her clients to find and go to their “essentials”. Being efficient and helpful in working for her clients’ success is Isabelle’s goal when working with her clients.

Sporty, the trail that she is practising for several years also gives her values ​​of humility, respect and self-transcendence as well as the taste for challenge.

Her approach is generalist, and although Isabelle is trained more particularly in mindfulness and Transactional Analysis, she coaches based on the various available coaching techniques that she knows how to use appropriately according to the contexts and the people, especially considering that her first tool is herself, as a Coach.


  • State-certified Professional Coach with Linkup Coaching and EMCC certified
  • Mindfulness Facilitator
  • Master in HR – IGS Paris

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